Alex Carmichael broadcasts the Chandelier Swing live from the KMUZ bunker on Friday the 20th as we dodge the flood.

The waters were rising last Thursday night the 19th of January, and when they got within about 8 inches of the bottom of the floorboards at our Mission Mill studio, we bugged out! Andrew Esther and Rick Quenden, our tech guys, took the gear critical to broadcasting and streaming and set them up in Tim Patterson’s basement and within 46 minutes we were back on the air and online!

KMUZ broadcast from the basement for 22 hours before deciding it was okay to move it all back to the Willamette Heritage Center location, so we unplugged at 10 PM and within 36 minutes the signal was back online and on the air.

Kudos to all who stepped up to make this happen!

PS. The Statesman Journal even covered this event. And here’s a collection of flood photos, including several that show how close the water actually got to our studio floors.