Dave “the rock” Hammock has this to report:

Curt Fisher a BIG THANK YOU!  He worked up a righteous sweat today driving some 30 steel pole steps into our wooden monopole.

Our construction team is lined up for Friday, October 21 to raise the monopole, add the antenna and hookup the transmitter.

Bethel Excavating and Santana Crane will work to set the pole. Broadcast Tower Services (BTS) will then mount the antenna.

Mike Johnson and BTS will certify that everything is done correctly and conforms to our construction permit with the FCC.

We are coordinating with the electrical contractor, Mark Griswold and PGE to then supply service.

We are working on getting an 8’X10′ Tuff Shed on site in the afternoon. The cost of all this fun is great, and Dave says, “So, if anybody has been thinking about a big donation, loan or other philanthropic gesture, now would be a very good time for it.”

With Dave’s excellent effort in this project we hope to realize our first continuous broadcast on October 31st, hey, isn’t that a holiday?