While researching the links for the “How do I check if my vote is recorded,” I test the system to see if I was registered to vote. I have been receiving ballots right along, so I thought everything was ok. I used the Track Your Ballot link to test the system.

When I input my name and birthday, the response was there was no record. At the top of the page was an error message with a link to County Elections Official. I went to the web page and found Marion County’s Clerk Office. I called the Marion County Clerks office at 503-588-5041 or 800-655-5388/TTY 503-588-5610 and was greeted by a wonderful woman who worked with me to correct an error.

It seems my year of birth was incorrect. I was now six years younger than I thought. The lady updated my voters’ registration to the correct year. In an instant, I aged six years, was back on Social Security, gained and lost 10 pounds, my hip was replaced, my cataracts were replaced, my shoulder started working again, and everything is right as rain.

In this day and age, we need to verify our voter registration.

Make sure you obtain a ballot.
Sign the return-postage-paid envelope.
Complete your ballot and insert your ballot in the Ballot Secrecy Sleeve.
Put your Ballot Secrecy Sleeve containing your ballot into the signed postage-paid return envelope.
Either mail or drop off your ballot at a location near you.
October 20, 2020: Last day for county elections officials to mail ballots to voters for the November 3, 2020 election.
Ballots must be received at a county elections office or official drop site in Oregon by 8 p.m. on Election Night, November 3, 2020. 

And please mail in your

before November 1, 2020

What you need do to Vote

When you received your ballot do the following.

1. Sign the return envelope
2. Complete your ballot
3. Insert your ballot into the “Ballot Secrecy Sleeve.”
4. Put your Ballot Secrecy Sleeve containing your ballot into the signed return envelope.
5. Mail it or drop it off at your local Drop Off-Site. (a list of locations should be included in your Election Mail envelope that contained your ballot and Secrecy Sleeve.)

How do I check if my vote is recorded?

Verify You are Registered to vote.
Register to Vote
General election key dates and information.
DropBox Locations
Track Your Ballot
Everything Vote in Oregon
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