Talking About Art – 02/22/2013

Talking About Art

Talking About Art – 02/22/2013

Show Notes

ERIC002Today, Eric talks about the Salem Weekly article about “Talking About Art” by Salem Weekly writer Helen Nute Wiens. Eric discusses  and reads from one of his favorite book about art, “The Everyday Work of Art” by Eric Booth. Eric also chats with his Production Engineer, Phil Krug, about Artists in Action and what is being planned for 2013.

About Talking About Art

Talking about Art is presented every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.  

It's the mission of Talking about Art to be a resource for artists and all those who relish and support the arts in our community. Through my programming, I wish to provide in-depth interviews and stories about the artists, writers, and poets of our community. 

We've been broadcasting Talking about Art for over six years now with some 160 broadcasts in the KMUZ archives.

Check out the full podcast archive for Talking about Art on KMUZ at 88.5 & 100.7 FM

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