Episode 22-0916 Backstage with Pentacle Theatre designers of “She Kills Monsters” opening Sept. 23.

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Episode 22-0916 Backstage with Pentacle Theatre designers of "She Kills Monsters" opening Sept. 23.

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Joining Ann and Ed for this episode of Theatre Talk are director Mary Kate Lindbeck, costumer Susan Schoaps and projection designer Branden Hume from the show "She Kills Monsters" opening Sept. 23 at Pentacle Theatre in Salem. The storyline centers on a young girl who learns more than she thought she thought she knew about her dead sister -- and herself -- through playing the popular game of Dungeons and Dragons that her sister loved. But you don't need to be a D&D player or fan to enjoy this fast-moving journey of self-discovery.

You'll hear about how Lindbeck's team of talented designers help actors bring to life, fun and hilarity D&D monsters like the character-eating Gelatinous Cube, Tiamat the five-headed dragon, Wraiths and more on the Pentacle Theatre stage. Lean in and enjoy the ride!

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