Early Saturday Morning, the goal was passed during Citizen’s Band Radio.
We carried on throughout the day, and while we’re still adding it up, we may have hit the $6500.00 mark. Perhaps higher as we calculate matches, challenges, and late pledges.

YaY! Success!

It’s never too late to support your favorite Community Radio Station, just go to KMUZ.ORG and click on Donate! We will always need the funds, and will always treat the community donations with great respect and efficiency, and as you know, everyone at the station is a volunteer, from the DJ’s to the Board of Directors, to the Management structure, following a vision to benefit the community out of their passion for Community Radio.

Thanks to all the volunteers and Contributors alike, a fantastic accomplishment. While we should all feel warm, fuzzy, and proud, this takes us only through the end of the year, and your continued excitement for KMUZ 88.5fm will ensure we are partners for years to come.