I take very seriously my duty to provide you with news, information and stories about things that matter.  Every Friday morning, I’m responsible for 90 minutes of what we broadcast from this radio station.

And getting to use this medium is both a privilege and an important duty.  It’s a privilege because not everyone gets to do it.  And it’s a duty because you the listener control ultimately whether we succeed at what we’re supposed to be doing.

We work hard to broadcast stories that are interesting and entertaining but we also want to broadcast stories that are important.  And by important, we mean stories that affect how people are being treated or whether things are being done right or wrong.

The special presentation you’re about to hear is a collaboration between the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and the Center for Investigative Journalism. It’s their first foray into investigative journalism, looking at the drug-prescribing practices of the Veterans Administration’s hospitals and the fund-raising practices of many charities.

And how good is what you’re about to hear?  It won a Peabody Award, broadcasting’s Academy Award for excellence.  This is what we believe radio is supposed to be all about.  Enjoy.