Salem Folklore Community (SFC), the former owner of KMUZ’s broadcast license, sold the rights to KMUZ to Willamette Information, News, and Entertainment Service (WINES) on July 13.  Karen Holman, President of WINES, and Tim Crosby, President of SFC, met briefly at the KMUZ studios at Mission Mill where Holman handed Crosby a check for $1.00.  The FCC authorized the transfer the week prior, on July 7.

The transfer had been planned for several years, since SFC focuses on live events and was not interested in managing the station.  Holman is a member of the Board of Directors of SFC, serving as Chair of the Radio Project Committee, and the other members of the Committee are now on the WINES Board, so the mission of the station will not change.

“We are eternally grateful to Salem Folklore,” Holman said.  “Everyone on the Board of SFC has been supportive of the Radio Project every second of the way, ever since we started this endeavor in 2006.”  Donations made to SFC Radio Project will still support KMUZ, since the two organizations have an agreement to transfer all present and future radio donations to WINES.