Cool Sheets Episode 27

Cool Sheets Episode 27

Show Notes

Buckle up for a fun and raucous episode that's been a long time coming: HOT SHEETS ON COOL SHEETS!  Hot Sheets is an all-girl punk band who jumped into the studio for this very special show.  Guests Bangz (Jamie, the drummer) and Claw (Jessica, bass) join Dropkick (Karen, guitar) and Brian to throw a megadose of #coolsheets your way!  Hear about what makes Bangz happy in her garden & kitchen, and Claw's trick for managing your spending and saving. Plus Brian's got an amazing documentary, and Karen describes a much-needed project that celebrates incredible women scientists. All this and tons more! It's an episode you will not want to miss. Go to to find out more about all the #coolsheets.

Photo credit: Denise Proudfoot


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