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The root of all evil resides in oneself.

About Who Dunnit Mysteries
KMUZ John Sleuth

John Sleuth worked for FIB and LYR Investigators for over 30 years. During his retirement years, he wants your help working unsolved cases.

Sleuth presents The Who Dunnit Mysteries Show, which is a compilation of famous radio stories aired from 1940 through 1960.

The programs are from the end of radio's golden years. Renowned actors and actress breathed life into the mysteries.

The voices and sounds invoke your imagination to become one with the adventure. If you were any closer, they could feel your warm breath.

As you lay back in your most comfortable chair every Sunday afternoon close your eyes. Let your imagination fill your mind with far off exotic places, smells, and voices whisking you away to another mystery.

If you can solve these mysteries before each story ends, Sleuth may have a job for you.

I believe that all of the use of the shows are in the public domain due to their age.

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